Online Craft Fayre

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Online Craft Fayre

As we cannot meet in person for the July 4 Craft Fayre, the plan is to run an online version. This would take place on a Facebook event page during the day on Saturday 4 July. Information would also be posted on our website ( for those who do not have a Facebook account.

The general idea would be to share a photograph of you (the artisan!) and a blurb about who you are and what you do, then 5 photographs of items you have for sale. I would need full information about the items (what they are made of, size would be great, and obviously price). This means the information is accessible for those that are visually impaired.

Photographs can have more than one item in as long as they all fit under the same information. (for  example: Earrings, semi-precious stones in various colours, silver coated fittings, £6 a pair).

During the day, each person’s information and then their pictures will be shared (on the Facebook event page and the website). 

For more information, please contact Rachel on:

Obviously, if sales occur, there needs to be a way of connecting customers with sellers, so please think carefully when including your details on the form below. If you have a Facebook page for your business, that would be ideal. And obviously, if you are around on the day and can monitor your photos that would be great. If you have a Facebook business page that can be tagged in posts on the event page which will help you be able to see them more easily.

At this point, we are looking for handmade items or anything that would have fit with our eco-vegan fayre. If you aren’t sure, please don’t hesitate to contact Rachel.

There is no charge to take part in the event, but if sales are generated through the event and you wish to make a donation afterwards to the church, that would be much appreciated, but not in any way required!


  • Please input your name as you would like it to be shared with potential customers.
  • required for Rachel to maintain contact, please indicate below if you would like this information shared with potential customers.
  • Name of your business.
  • Facebook page for your business. (Please only include your personal facebook page if you don't have a business page and are happy for your personal page to be used as a contact point).
  • Website for your business (if applicable). Please only include if you want your website to be shared in the event page on facebook / website.
  • Please only tick information that you would like shared with people that are interested in purchasing your products from our online fayre.