The Alpha Course is designed to explain the basics of the Christian faith to anyone who is interested. It doesn’t assume any previous knowledge or church background. It provides opportunities to ask all sorts of questions without feeling embarrassed in any way.

The Alpha Course started at Holy Trinity Church in Brompton, London over 30 years ago but is now used around the world (in over 160 countries so far) and by all denominations.

Courses typically last 10 weeks, but may be shortened in particular situations. A session would normally involve meeting in a small group (at most 12 people), sharing a meal, then watching a video and discussing what is said. You don’t have to agree with what is being presented!

For a number of years, Alpha Courses have been run in Cinderford and Littledean. These have been held in a variety of locations, including churches, homes and a local pub. If you would be interested in attending an Alpha course, please contact Mike, your vicar on 01594 822286 for more details.

Please visit the Alpha website for more information about the course and it’s history.