India Diary

Jim Fisher, St Stephens’s member, PCC member, man of God, evangelist and intrepid traveller, is back in India. Following his successful trip from February until May this year, Jim is now back in India until December. He will be posting ‘diary’ entries on the web-site here with the occasional photo. Please check regularly to keep in touch with where Jim is and what he is up to, and to be able to pray more effectively for him.

To see photos from Jim’s travels, please visit our ‘Jim in India’ gallery.

India Diary Note 6 (Sept – Dec 2011)

My dear friends, This journey in India ends very shortly as I depart for Mumbai by train on Tues 20th Dec, leaving Panjim by 8.30am, train from Kamali train station at 10am getting into Mumbai at 11pm. Staying overnight on 20th, My friend Maria has arranged a hotel for me at a rate of 650 rupees […]

India Diary Note 5 (Sept – Dec 2011)

My dear friends, There is a lady called Sister Francis, not a nun although is called Sister, she is simply a child of God just taking the Gospel to people who are just drawn to her.  She has a following of men who have drinking problems, Muslim and Hindu ladies looking for more from life, […]

India Diary Note 4 (Sept – Dec 2011)

My dear friends, You know in many ways it is much easier to evangelise in India than UK.  Firstly, people in India are much more spiritual and respond more to what they do not see. Secondly, people have much less material wealth to show in India. Thirdly, there is no welfare state to provide financial […]

India Diary Note 3 (Sept to Dec 2011)

Hello All, Life in Goa is very good but oh so humid, direct heat 34c is ok but the humidity is in the middle 90’s and at night it is very difficult to sleep.  Living in the top room, means that my room has all the day’s heat being absorbed on the open roof with […]

India Diary Note 2 (Sept to Dec 2011)

Dear All, When I write these diary notes, it is truly a reflection of my life here in India and my deepest inner most thoughts, even of a personal nature of my emotions at various times.  But mostly it follows my journey in faith with the Lord Jesus. It is so hard to believe that […]

India Diary Note 1 (Sept to Dec 2011)

Dear All, It’s been just three weeks since I landed back in India, so wonderful to be back and really beginning to get settled down again in the Indian way of life and to the work of the Lord.   Settled in the sense of being happy and full of the presence of the Lord, but […]

India Diary 7 (final entry!)

Dear All, My train journey from Bangalore to a place called Londa, still in Kanataka, about 3 hours out of Goa, was good, managed to get a few hours sleep but it was quite noisy on the train as there were a lot of Indian youth travelling who were going to a youth holiday camp, […]

India Diary 6

Nameste (Hello)                 App Kesse oh (How are you) Finally made it to send diary note six, it was about a month ago when I sent the last note. I have been on travels outside of Goa since that time, so not really able to make contact, a little too busy. Sorry my friends, but I’m […]

India Diary 5

Dear All, Let me begin with, first apologizing for any spelling mistakes or not using correct English in my diary notes, there are times when I obviously suffer from word and sentence blindness, assuming this is the right terminology for it. Cannot always pick up the mistakes prior to sending off to you, even though […]

India Diary 4

Dear All, Temperature is becoming quite humid here in Goa, they say about 84 last week, not all the time but the occasional day, makes things feel a little damp and certainly saps the energy levels, but generally still very nice.  The difference between here and UK of course is we can fairly accurately say […]