India Diary

Jim Fisher, St Stephens’s member, PCC member, man of God, evangelist and intrepid traveller, is back in India. Following his successful trip from February until May this year, Jim is now back in India until December. He will be posting ‘diary’ entries on the web-site here with the occasional photo. Please check regularly to keep in touch with where Jim is and what he is up to, and to be able to pray more effectively for him.

To see photos from Jim’s travels, please visit our ‘Jim in India’ gallery.

Indian Diary 3

Dear All, Now into the swing of life in India, specifically in Panjim in Goa on the west coast. Have fully settled into my new room and am very comfortable. Antonio and Joanita Colaco (Indian Portuguese Catholics) are very nice and friendly people and they love the Lord, we often meet for prayer, which is […]

India Diary 2

Dear All, The last diary note ended with five points given as to what I felt God was calling me to do. Maybe it is necessary for me to expand my feelings on this a little more, for you to understand how I feel I am guided and how to know!  

India Diary 1

Hello All, Finally got to send this first diary note about a week behind but eventually made it. It is not quite as easy, either full, power cuts or general problems with the computers, have to shop around little. Took off from Heathrow Sunday 6th Feb about an hour late, leaving at 22.30, flew by […]

Pre India Diaries

Hello Everyone,  just doing preparations before going off to India at the end of next week. This is the page where my diary entries will appear. I will be posting entries to it while I’m in India. So please check back regularly to find out where I am, what I’m up to and to see […]