Littledean Local Ecumenical Partnership

Saturday 3rd November 2007 was a great day for the Church in Littledean, with the
Inauguration Service and Celebration which launched Littledean’s Local Ecumenical
Partnership, (LEP) taking place at St Ethelbert’s Church.

The LEP formally sealed the growing loving relationship between St Ethelbert’s,
Littledean United Reformed Church and the Salvation Army. Our hope is that we
will henceforward be working ever more closely together in showing the ‘Love of our
Lord Jesus’ to the people of Littledean and employing our enhanced range of talents
to serve God through serving them and spreading the Gospel in Littledean.

On the 3rd Sunday of each month we share in Worship either at the URC or at St
Ethelbert’s and the 5th Sunday is a joint Communion Service held alternately at the
URC and St Ethelbert’s.

The LEP Partnership Council and Ministry Team have had regular monthly
meetings since the inauguration Service, where we discuss the work of the Partnership
and seek to ascertain God’s will in determining the way forward.

The work of our Salvation Army partners, who are based at the URC, has been of
great service to Littledean in relating to young people through School, Homework
Club, Sports and Worship, and to older people through the weekly Community
Kitchen on Monday mornings and the Golden Time Lunches for Pensioners on