Geometric drawing of praying hands in white on an NHS blue background

Support our local hospital with prayer. Cinderford Churches are committing to support our local hospital, the staff and patients,  with a dedicated time of prayer every Thursday evening from 7 pm to 8pm.

Many members of our community are working hard to provide care in these challenging times at The Dilke Hospital. We want to support them and show we care about them.

Prayer requests can be emailed to prayer@cinderford-churches.org.uk or submitted through the form below.

Show your support for our family, friends and neighbours who are working on the frontline by sharing the #Pray4Dilke hashtag and image and joining us in praying for or thinking about all the hardworking staff at the Dilke Hospital every Thursday between 7 pm and 8 pm, ending with the clap for carers.

Download the #Pray4Dilke image to show your support.

  Pray4Dilke Banner - April 15, 2020 (837.8 KiB)

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