Sabbatical Diary – Day 16

Highlands traffic jam! Angus and his buddies takin’ their time. About a 10 minute wait, but very entertaining.

Left Kyleakin at about 9.30, after some prayer time and a relaxed breakfast. Went over the bridge to Kyle of Lochalsh, then followed the coast, as best I could, round to Stromeferry. Round the top of Loch Carron and then across the Bealach na Ba (Pass of the Cattle) to Applecross.

View back towards Loch Carron from near the top of Bealach na Ba.

Then I went South to Toscaig ‘Pier’, turned around and followed the coast all the way round to Fearnmore and on to Torridon, up to Gairloch, on through Melvaig and all the way up to Rea Reidh Lighthouse where I am staying. 125 miles of stunning coastal and highland scenery, mainly on single track roads. Slow, sometimes a little scary on the trike (especially the last few miles up to the lighthouse), but some of the most magnificent scenery you can drive through anywhere in the world.

Because of the creative marketing of the North Coast 500 as a ‘must do’ adventure route, the roads around the coast of Scotland are far busier than they used to be, and, many locals complain, far busier than they should be. I can’t comment as I am obviously part of the problem, although I don’t seem to be identified as such when people talk to me about the issue. It’s certainly a popular route and you see lots of bikes of all descriptions, and lots of car club type cars, Ferraris, Jaguars, Porches, etc. as well as lots of classic / antique cars. All very interesting, but with the addition of dozens of oversized rental motor homes, the ‘single track road with passing places’ system is close to capacity I would say.

Staying here for quiet day and reading tomorrow.

God bless.


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