Sabbatical Diary – Day 25

Lindisfarne Castle. Taken from the grounds of St Mary’s Church, looking through the ruins of the Priory.

Great day on Holy Island! Lots of walking, lots (literally hundreds) of seals, lovely paths around the coast, with beautiful beaches and wonderful views, and good conversations.

A few of dozens of ‘pebble pillars’ on beach East of the Castle. Very impressive.

Evening Prayer in St Mary’s, joining with Bishop of Newcastle and a pilgrimage group who had just arrived, having completed St Oswald’s Way (the wrong way round).

Today is the festival of Bede the Venerable, which was highly appropriate, as it is through Bede’s writings that much of what we know about the history of Lindisfarne has been passed down. Bede is recognised as a great scholar, writer and historian and it was good to remember him in the service today.

Heading South tomorrow and visiting many places I have childhood memories of including Bamburgh, Alnwick, Whitley Bay, Tynemouth, North Shields, South Shields, Romero, and many others. I grew up with both sets of grandparents living in Gosforth, just North of Newcastle on Tyne, and we would spend at least two weeks a year up here, visiting everyone and having days out along the coast. Wonderful memories.

Somewhat surprisingly, I saw Mr Whippy again today. He was working on the island and was very busy. He looked different somehow and seemed quite distant. We hardly spoke. Sad.

Holy Communion tomorrow at St Mary’s, then on my way when the tide allows.

God bless,


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