Sabbatical Diary – Day 37

The amazing Lulworth Cove, Dorset. One of the world’s finest natural coves. Wonderful. Well worth seeing if you haven’t. Wikipedia says half a million people visit each year. Most of them were there today!

Chesil Beach, Dorset. At one level, just another shingle spit. But Chesil Beach is 18 miles long, 660 feet wide, and 50 feet high. It is truly incredible, and, again, worth seeing if you haven’t.

Chesil Beach connects to Portland Bill at it’s Eastern end, connecting it to the mainland and preventing it from being an island.

Good day. Good weather. Great scenery, lovely rolling hills with the sea in the background. Enjoyed visiting Portland Bill again. An interesting place. Last time I was there, I went up the lighthouse, but struggled to get down again. I think that was the last time I have been up a lighthouse.

Portland Bill Lighthouse. Very high. Very scary. (For me, at least.)

Spent some time in Lyme Regis late afternoon. My Mum and Dad used to have a caravan nearby in Charmouth, so I know Lyme Regis and the area quite well and have visited over the years. Good memories.

Staying in Seaton tonight, 10 miles East of Lyme Regis, but now in Devon.

God bless.


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