Sabbatical Diary – Day 40

Me at Land’s End doing the signpost photo thing. Which is easier to do after 6.00, when the photo guy has gone and you can just drive round yourself. Generated a bit of interest and ended up with a few others having photos taken on the trike. I should have started charging. (If you enlarge the photo and look at my jacket just below my left ear, you will see a white mark. There was more on my back, and a little on my cap. And yes, it is what you think it is. Did a little washing when I got to my room.)

View of Longships Lighthouse, a little over a mile West of Land’s End.

St Michael’s Mount.

Chapel in the old Priory at the top, where I went for Evening Prayer.

All the info on St Michael’s Mount, including what you are given there, now refers to a Castle, but the building’s origins are as an 11th Century Priory built by Benedictine monks from Mont St Michel in France. It seems a pity that these beginnings seem to be being unwritten. The guidebook consistently talks about the ‘Castle’ and there is no mention of a Monastery or Priory or the link with Mont St Michel, but, there is a brief mention of ‘after the monks had left’ as a time reference point, and the steps up are referred to as ‘Pilgrims steps’.

Good visit though, although tough on the knees, particularly after a steep walk to St Anthony’s Lighthouse earlier in the day.

Had a ‘moment’ with three youngsters in Porthleven. They were admiring the trike as I approached, very slowly, in very narrow streets. I ‘high-fived’ them as a passed. (Very slowly, as I said.) As I went they were shouting ‘rev it, rev it’. So I did (with clutch pulled in, so still travelling very slowly.) They were cheering. Not sure who enjoyed the exchange more, me or them.

I get quite a lot of people, especially boys, asking for some revs as I go past, generally by miming a twist of the throttle. I like to oblige, and generally get a good response. It does make a nice deep rumble, not like the high pitched whine of high revving sports bikes. I guess it’s a matter of taste.

God bless,


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