Fairtrade at St Stephen’s 2

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Spanner Hook, made in India from recycled materials.
Perfect as a gift for someone who loves DIY!

£7.50 each. 2 available.

Either comment below or pop over to https://www.facebook.com/FairtradeatStStephens. I may be slightly slow to reply as I’m busy uploading posts tonight!

Clock, made in India using recycled materials from bicycles.

Perfect for the keen cyclist in your life!

£15.00. 1 available.

Neem Wood Comb. 

Handmade in India, Neem is a very fast growing tree of the mahogany family and is very sustainable for use. 

Can double as a beard comb.

£6.00, 3 available.

Divine 90 g / Traidcraft 100 g Fairtrade Chocolate Bars.

Delicious range of Fairtrade Chocolate Bars. Many of the dark chocolate varieties also carry the Vegan Mark.
Excellent addition to any gift, or perfect for a lockdown treat!

£2.20 each or 3 for £6.00

Divine White, Divine White with Strawberries, Traidcraft Muscovado (White with Muscovado Sugar), Divine Milk 45%, Divine Milk with Tangy Orange, Traidcraft 70% Dark, Divine 85 % Dark, Divine Dark with Ginger & Orange, Divine Dark Raspberry, Divine Dark with Pink Himalayan Salt, Divine Dark with Gin & Tonic inspired flavour, Divine Dark with Mint Crisp, Traidcraft Mint Creme.

Handmade Cards, handcrafted in Bangladesh using print screen techniques and embellished with sequins and gems. 

£1.50 each OR can be added to any purchase from Fairtrade at St Stephen’s over £25 for FREE!