We believe in baptism and we would love to be part of a christening service for you or your child!

Christenings normally take place during our normal Sunday morning services and there is no charge. We would love to welcome you and your family. Please get in touch with Mike, your vicar, to discuss possible dates.

Click on the following links for more information about baptism, symbols used during the service, thanksgiving and confirmation services , choosing godparents and being a godparent. Please get in touch with Mike with any questions or to discuss details.

There are also lots of helpful details on the Church of England site dedicated to christenings (or baptisms).

To see more photos of christenings at our churches, please visit our gallery.

If someone in your family was christened in one of our churches, we’d love to feature them in our Gallery. You can send us a photo, we’ll add it to our gallery and your friends and family will be able to see it online.