Those who have been baptised as children may at some point want to make their own declaration of faith at a confirmation service. Adults who have not been baptised but wanting to make a statement about their belief may be interested in a combined service of baptism and confirmation. Those who have been members of other churches may be interested in confirmation as a means of declaring their membership of the Church of England. (Confirmation is expected for those wishing to hold various positions within the Church.)

Confirmation is an important occasion. Confirmation candidates confirm the promises made for them at their baptism service and the bishop leading the service prays for God’s Holy Spirit to rest upon them.

Before confirmation, candidates generally attend a series of classes or meetings. They discuss what it means to be a Christian, so they can decide whether to make their own Christian commitment and how they’ll express that in their own lives.

If you are interested in being confirmed or would like to know more about confirmation, then please contact Mike, your vicar.