Vicar’s Letter

Vicar’s November Letter

Dear friends, My Dad died on Sunday 27 September. I was leading a service at St Michael’s, when I received a message that Dad was struggling and we should get there quickly. He had been in a nursing home for two weeks, but we weren’t expecting him to be so poorly so soon. When I […]

Vicar’s October Letter

Dear friends, Sian and I have just come back from a wonderful trip to Scotland. We visited the islands of Skye, Mull and Arran. The weather was cold and, although we had a few showers, was generally dry. We travelled (on the trike) around the coast of each of the islands as well as travelling […]

Vicar’s September Letter

Dear friends, I wonder how many of you have received ‘Listening skills’ training. It was one of the courses that Sian and I had to take for Street Pastors, so I have been through this quite recently. I have done similar courses at various times in my life, at college training for the ministry and […]

Vicar’s August Letter

Dear friends, It’s holiday time. Quite a few of us have already had a break this year, Sian and I had 10 days in Northumberland and the Scottish borders in June. Many with children at school will be taking a break during August. Others will perhaps take a later break in September, when children are […]

Vicar’s July Letter

Dear friends, Sian and I haven’t been too well over the last month. Nothing too serious hopefully, but we have been having lots of tests and lots of visits to nurses, doctors, dentists and opticians. I am well aware that lots of people in our churches and community are struggling with a variety of illnesses […]

Vicar’s June Letter

Dear friends, During the election campaign I read a letter from a Parliamentary candidate standing in a constituency I lived in some years ago. He had served as MP there for some years and part of his argument for re-election was that he knew the people, the local issues and the area really well. To […]

Vicar’s May Letter

Dear friends, “I hate, I despise your festivals, and I take no delight in your solemn assemblies.” “Take away from me the noise of your songs; I will not listen to the melody of your harps.” These words, referring to the worship practices of ‘God’s people’, express some seriously negative thoughts about what was going […]

Vicar’s April Letter

Dear friends, “Cancel Easter, everyone. Trust us, after hearing the bombshell we’re about to drop, you won’t feel like celebrating anything ever for the rest of time.” The above is not my view! This is a quote from an US online news site and refers to the recent argument about the change to the chocolate […]

Vicar’s February Letter

Dear friends, I am writing this in mid-January and still feel that I am recovering from an extraordinarily busy period that included Christmas and extended into the New Year with our Confirmation service in early January. After thinking for a while about my topic for the February magazine, I decided to write about Lent (which […]

Vicar’s December Letter

Dear friends, As I write this letter it’s a cold wintry night, yet last week it was (just about) warm enough to eat lunch outside. The normal patterns of weather through the seasons that we experienced in years gone by doesn’t seem to apply any more. As I have been thinking about this letter I […]