Sabbatical Diary – Day 14

View from my room just South of Mallaig. Eigg on the left, Rum on the right.

Wonderful, wonderful ride today. Beautiful day, stunning scenery. The road along The Ardnamurchan peninsula is quite hard work, very twisty, very narrow (even for a single track road), and, although a good proportion has been resurfaced relatively recently, much of it is uneven and gravelly. But it’s worth it. The scenery, and variety of scenery, is amazing. The run from Salem up to Mallaig is pretty spectacular too, with gorgeous sea views and white sandy beaches that would not look out of place in the Bahamas. (Not that I’ve been to the Bahamas.)

Haven’t talked about Cuthbert for a while. I finished the first book a while ago, and am now reading a book a book about a series of Northumbrian Saints including Cuthbert (although I haven’t got to him yet). Looking at St Aidan tonight.

God bless,


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