Sabbatical Diary – Day 15

View from where I had my meal this evening in Kyleakin. Note the lighthouse that you can see under the bridge.

Which I visited earlier! It is on a little island called Eilean Ban, which is the middle point of the wonderful Skye bridge.

I think I was probably trespassing, but not deliberately. There was a gate leading down to the island from the road going over the bridge, which was open, and very inviting, when I got there. After my visit, when walking back up, it was closed and locked with a Yale type lock. I let myself out and walked away confidently. I think it was open earlier because some workmen doing repairs to the bridge were accessing the support pillars underneath by going down the same path. Hey ho. An innocent mistake.

Earlier in the day I saw two minke whales from the ferry to Skye from Mallaig. They were a fair way off and I didn’t get any photos that you can see them on, but they were definitely there. Awesome. I’ve never seen whales in Scotland before, but I know people do, and there are whale watching trips from a few points around the coast.

There’s an otter exhibit next to my hotel here, and the man in charge told me there are otters around much of the Skye coast, but I don’t think too many people get to see them.

Visited Raasay this afternoon, but roads not too trike friendly, so didn’t go far. Enjoyed riding around Skye though. Good memories of a wonderful holiday here a few years ago.

Heading North tomorrow, and a bit longer day than the quiet days I have had since leaving Iona.

God bless,


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