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Sunflower Scarf

A generous length of scarf, hand printed with sunflowers.
12% silk 88% viscose mix for a lightweight, breathable material.
Size: 180 x 30cm
Hand Crafted In Vietnam, by a WTFO producer who specialise in bringing unique and beautiful artisan products to the market from artisans who would otherwise find it difficult to market and sell their goods.
1 orange available
Update: NOW SOLD

Elephant Scarf

Cotton scarf, elephant print.
50 x 180 cm
Pink / mauve, 1 available.
£6.00 each

Fish Scarf

Cotton scarf, fish design, slight silver sheen to fish.
50 x 180 cm
1 darker turquoise (left), 2 turquoise, 1 green available.
£6.00 each

Leaf Scarf

Cotton scarf with metallic rose gold leaf print.
50 x 180 cm
1 beige, 1 grey available (left and right).
£6.00 each

Paisley Scarf

Cotton scarf with floral paisley type print.
50 x 180 cm with tassels.
2 purple, 1 pink and 2 blue available.
£6.00 each

Geometric Print Scarf

Cotton scarf with geometric print.
The scarves we have in stock have tassels.
50 x 180 cm
2 available.
£6.00 each

Chevron Design Scarf

100% Cotton scarf with a traditional chevron design with contrasting colours and tassels.
100 x 180 cm (with tassels)
1 red, 1 pale blue / grey available.
Handmade in India.
£6.00 each


100% cotton
180 x 50 cm
3 available.
£6.00 each


100% cotton
200 x 50
2 available, one of each colour in centre, but stripes are slightly different colours than the photo.
£6.00 each


100% cotton
180 x 50
1 available, red flowers in the centre.
£6.00 each

Hands and Loom Scarves

And some scarves from Karen’s beautiful stock of fairly traded gifts.
They are available in cream or beige (2 of each colour left).
100% acrylic. Handmade in India by Hands & Looms.
£6.50 each

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