Philippines Diary – Note 3 – 2013

Hello Family and Friends, Like many cities of the world, the people of Angeles City and the surrounding areas located in the state of Luzon, mid to north Philippines, seem to exist without a purpose of life.  This is a personal observation and not a reflection of all the country, of which I have not […]

Philippines Diary – Note 2 – 2013

Dear family and friends, We pray you are all well and full of joy. We want to say hello to you and tell you a little more of our journey with the Lord here in Philippines and to meet some of the characters we have met and enjoy the Christian faith with, who do so […]

Philippines Diary – Note 1 – 2013

Hello dear family and friends, Don’t fall off your pews folks, but it’s me at long last with my (our) first diary note since returning to the Philippines in Dec 2012 to be with my wife Adalia (Da) and to continue our small ministry. Married life with Dal Married life is really good, doesn’t mean […]

Philippines Diary Note 2 – Sept 2012

Komasta (Hello) My prayers are with you all always both for your good health and with spiritual love. Intro: It would be nice to say hello from a sunny Philippines but the rains are still with us, had a few nice days but not too many, the rains however are not as forceful as they […]

Philippines Diary Note 1 – Sept 2012

Following on from his travels in India, Jim Fisher writes to us from Angeles City on the first of his trips to the Philippines. Hello everyone, Praise Jesus, finally made it to start a series of diary notes. Have decided on this series of diary notes to write less but include more pictures, they say […]